Tennessee Inmate Search

Tennessee Inmate Search

Thanks to the Tennessee Open Records Act of 1957, you can acquire critical public records, including prisons and jails records, freely through the authorized channels. This Act establishes that Tennessee citizens can access whatever public records they want without even stating the reason for their search. Consequently, if you want to get information about an inmate incarcerated in any correctional facility in the state, you just have to look up in the recommended and authorized avenues.

Searching for an inmate in Tennessee is not a complicated endeavor; unlike in the past where you had to physically engage individual facilities, today, the internet has credible sites at your disposal. Most facilities have an official website through which you can acquire whatever information you want about an inmate.

When inmates are booked into any state facility, their details are entered into the State’s Department of Correction. Their personal information, including names and addresses, mugshots, and crime details, including the nature of the crime, among other relevant details. Such come in handy to help you when you are trying to locate an inmate in any facility tennessee department of corrections inmate locator.

Performing a “Tennessee Inmate Locator” search

While there are credible authorized online search engines that may provide information about inmates incarcerated in Tennessee, it is always advisable to use the state’s inmate locator on the Department of Correction website. The following instructions come in handy in helping you acquire whatever information you are looking for about a specific inmate:

  • Open the Tennessee Department of Correction website
  • On the main menu, hit the State Prisons button, then choose FOIL Offender Search
  • Hit the search Now button
  • Enter the offender’s name (first and last) and race
  • You can also conduct your search by the offender’s ID or SID
  • Complete the Captcha device engagement and hit the search button

The search results provide you with individual prison cards for inmates matching your search criteria. You will get information about your inmate of interest, including full names, race, birthdates, sex, location, parole information, and sentence information. The site also allows you to conduct a relevant background check about your offender of interest.

Anyone relying on the search tool should exercise prudence and make further inquiries where the search results are inadequate.

Tennessee Prison System Design

The Tennessee Prison system is not complicated; it adopts a simple design with different types of correctional facilities and programs that help to control and rehabilitate inmates. The prison system is run by the Department of Correction under Commissioner Tony C. Parker. The design features the following correctional facilities: 2 Federal Prisons, 4 Private Prisons, 11 State Prisons, 1 Juvenile Detention Center and 120 County Jails.

Tennessee State Prisons

The state boasts of eleven prisons run by the Department of Correction. There is one all-female facility and another special establishment that caters to inmates with severe emotional or physical needs. The state prisons are spread out in the east, west, and middle of the states, with four out of them operated by the Core Civic private corporation. The state prisons include the following: Northeast Correctional Complex, Lois M. DeBerry Special Needs Facility, Riverbend Maximum Security Institution, Tennessee Prison for Women., Northwest Correctional Complex, West Tennessee State Penitentiary, Mark Luttrell Transition Center, Women’s Therapeutic Residential Center, Bledsoe County Correctional Complex, Morgan County Correctional Complex and Turney Center Industrial Complex.

The State’s Federal Prisons

Tennessee flaunts two federal prisons that are run by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. These are Mephis FCI and Nashville RRM. To locate an inmate in these facilities, you have to visit the official Federal Bureau of Prisons (FOB) website. They have an inmate locator on the website that you can use to trace your inmate of interest.

The State’s County Jails

Tennessee also hosts about 120 local county jails. The county jails are under the jurisdiction of the specific Sheriff’s Office and run by the local law enforcement.

Searching for an inmate in Tennessee county jails is not complicated. You can contact the local Sherriff’s office and seek the information you are looking for. Even better, most of the facilities have a user-friendly inmate locator button on their websites through which you can trace an inmate.

Tennessee Juvenile Detention Centers

There is only one juvenile detention center in Tennessee, the Wilder Youth Development Center. Information about juvenile inmates in this facility can only be accessed through the Department of Children’s Service or the Office of Juvenile Justice.

Tennessee Private Prisons

The state’s private prisons are Trousdale Turner Correctional Center, South Central Correctional Facility, Whiteville Correctional Facility and Hardeman County Correctional Facility.

Tracing an inmate in Tennessee private prisons is similar to that adopted for the state prisons. There are also credible authorized websites that offer such information. There is also an option for ordering a Tennessee Bureau of Investigations (TBI) Background Check at a fee.